Angela has been offering Intuitive Readings professionally for over 23 years. She worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist for several years as a prelude to mastering the Tarot and developing her psychic gifts. She is an Usui, Karuna, and Essential Reiki Master and studies many forms of energy healing. She was introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or “Tapping”) over ten years ago, her instructors include EFT Founder Gary Craig as well as tapping veterans Carol Look and C.J, Puotinen.


This session focuses on looking at the energy patterns and thought paradigms that have played a role in creating your current reality. Using a combination of Tarot Cards and Channeled messages from Spirit, Angela will describe the current spiritual forces at work, relationship dynamics, and windows of opportunity that are influencing you and your circumstances.


(Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as “Tapping,” is a cutting edge tool designed to release negative core beliefs, limiting thoughts, and traumatic events. The technique involves gently tapping on acupressure meridians while addressing the issues verbally. Often referred to as “Psychological Acupressure,” reframing statements and affirmations are incorporated at key points to create a potent vibrational shift. EFT also works to calm the fight or flight response in the nervous system and create a sense of balance and wellbeing. It can be used to effectively release trapped emotions and negative thoughts that prevent you from living the life you were born to live – emotionally free and happy.

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