To Bless or To Curse

Words can either bless or curse. A spoken blessing can be wishing someone congratulations or encouragement. Words that inspire hope and provide someone with a sense of relief can be a blessing. When a compliment is given in sincerity, both parties receive a gift. There is a quote by Hada Bejar, “The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.” When you give a blessing, you will receive one back. It may not come from the other person, but it will come from Spirit. The good we do others will return to us in another form when we need it most. Make a practice of uplifting people with your words whenever you have an opportunity. Often a few kind words can make a huge difference to someone who feels as if they are at the end of their rope.

 A curse can be any words that have the effect of instilling a feeling of hopelessness or helplessness in the receiver. Words that are meant to discourage someone, or words that chip away at another’s self esteem can also be a curse or a hex. A lie can be a hex by deliberately pulling the wool over someone’s eyes, thus making them believe something that’s false. Insults that are meant to make someone question their self worth are one of the worst kinds of “hexes.” Someone who does this is creating negative karma for themselves, especially if the target of the insult is a child or otherwise vulnerable person.

 Words of discouragement can have a profoundly negative impact, especially when someone is already in a vulnerable state. They can only impact you, however, if you let them in. You have a choice to either accept or reject what anyone tells you. It’s best to surround yourself with people who wish the best for you, and see the best in you. Give your attention to the ones who are on your team. When you give attention to those who don’t wish you well, you are rooting against yourself!

 If someone has hurt you so badly that you can no longer be in contact with them, sending a silent blessing to them is a way to heal some of the negative karma that connection holds for you. Getting to the place where you can silently wish them well is a huge step forward in the process of letting go. As long as you wish someone ill you are still energetically tied to them. Hate, or the desire for revenge, creates an energy cord almost as strong as love. So if you really want to be free of that person, silently wishing them happiness is a way to heal from the experience and at the same time set yourself free.  The Universe will send YOU blessings in return!

 Angela Pizzarello is an Intuition Guide, a Reiki Master and an Emotional Freedom Coach. She can be reached at or at 203-532-1159 for private sessions.  Like her Facebook page at






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