Turning Darkness To Light

Turning darkness to light is the art of using apparent misfortune to take you higher.  We’ve all experienced this in some way.  The job you get fired from leads to either a better job, or some much needed recoup time via unemployment, and a chance to rethink your career path.  The “love of your life” breaks up with you, and later on you meet your true love. Your landlord tells you that you need to move out because he’s selling the building, and you finally take that plunge and buy your first home.  These are all examples of good coming from adversity.  Sometimes the Universe doesn’t just gently push you in the right direction.  Sometimes it gives you a great big shove off the cliff, and forces you to take a leap of faith.  Hence the term, “sink or swim!”

 There is an art to turning darkness to light, and it lies in the power of your intention.  You can consciously intend that everything that happens, including the bad stuff, serve your highest good in the end.  There is spiritual power in the belief that, “All things work together for God and for Good.”  Affirm this enough and it becomes the Truth. 

 Another way to put this is, “If it’s happening, it must be for my highest good!”  This takes a great deal of faith when things seem to be headed for the worse.  But we’re all familiar with the expression that faith can move mountains.  Sometimes faith needs to be demonstrated to create a certain desired result.

 You can create a ceremony around this belief by burning a black and white candle at the same time.  Black candles can be used for releasing negativity, white for attracting Divine light.  In this case the black candle represents whatever negative associations you have with this event or experience.  The white candle represents that experience being used by Spirit to somehow create an even happier future for you, one that you may not even be possible of envisioning right now. 

 Hold the black candle while thinking about and feeling all of the negative charge from the experience.  Be willing to allow whatever happened to serve you in some way.  Maybe it taught you a valuable lesson.  Perhaps it freed you from a situation that was never going to turn out the way you had hoped.  You may have needed that experience to open your heart, or to have you finally take back your power.  Now is the time to release it so that new and better things can come in.  Light the candle with a willingness to let it all go.

 Next take the white candle.  Think of what you’d like to have show up in your life.  If you were forced out of your job, then imagine your career path opening up and a wonderful new opportunity coming in.  If the disappointment was in your love life, then envision yourself attracting someone way more compatible than your old love.  Even if it seems unfathomable that any good might possibly come from the situation, imagine the comfort and support of all your angels around you while you light your white candle.  You don’t have to know how it’s going to look, you just have to believe.

 Burn the candles down completely.  Every time you think of the old experience, say a prayer to your angels asking that this experience be turned to light.  Believe it, and it eventually will be.  Even manure can bring forth flowers.

Angela Pizzarello is an Intuition Guide, a Reiki Master and an Emotional Freedom Coach.  She can be reached at tarotstar@yahoo.com or by phone at 203-532-1159 for private sessions and workshops.

Like her Facebook page at angelapizzarello.com


A triptic of tea light candles.

A triptic of tea light candles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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