Spiritual Bathing

  Ever notice how relaxed and refreshed you feel after a dip in the ocean?  All that salt water helps to cleanse your aura, clearing away the energetic “sludge” that you pick up during your interactions with negative people (we all know a couple), toxic situations (like traffic jams) or emotional upset.  What about the times you can’t make it to the ocean?  There’s an easy way to remove negative energy from your aura.  All it requires is a bathtub, a few simple ingredients and your intention. 
      Spiritual bathing is an ancient practice to cleanse, release, revive and refresh.  The most important ingredient is your intention to release whatever energy you picked up that doesn’t belong to you.  This is harmless, and doesn’t send the energy back to the person but rather sends it back to the Universe.  The Universe knows how to recycle it back into pure potential. 
      The basic recipe for spiritual bathing is sea salt – about a half cup to a cup.  You can also use a combo of sea salt and Epsom salts.  Salt helps to de-toxify and release negativity.  You can use essential oils as well.  Lavender, patchouli or sandalwood help you relax.  Lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary are cleansing.  Pour a few drops into a couple of teaspoons of milk & pour into the tub right before you step in.  The milk helps disperse the oils and makes them last longer.
      Another nice addition is a lemon cut in half.  Squeeze the juice into the water & throw the halves in the tub – very cleansing.  Or, if you feel you need peace & sweet dreams, add beer to the water.  Beer is made from hops, which promotes serenity and keeps nightmares away. There’s also an inexpensive cologne you can buy at most drugstores called Florida water.  Made from water, alcohol & essential oils, it’s been used since the 19th century for spiritual cleansing.  A little goes a long way.
      Keep it simple, add what feels right & make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients.  Light a candle to Spirit right before stepping into the tub, asking to be renewed, revitalized and blessed.  Finally, the next time you’re at the beach, take some sea water home with you in a bottle, and add it to your bath.  Your “inner mermaid” will love it!

Angela Pizzarello is an Intuition Guide, a Reiki Master, and an Emotional Freedom Coach.


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Her goal is to help you listen to your inner voice, release the blocks that hold you back, and manifest your deepest desires. She can be reached at 203-532-1159 or tarotstar@yahoo.com for private sessions, workshops and events.  Like her Facebook page at angelapizzarello.com




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