How Listening to my Body Helped me Work Less and Earn More Money


I was so excited to offer my first Intuition and Body Wisdom Class.  It was a women’s only class,  and one that I had fantasized teaching to my fierce sisters for a long time.  It would encompass all the juicy bits of guidance that I had been sharing with my private clients in session after session.  I was so excited to create a sacred container of sisterhood for the women to relax into, so that they could explore the truth their bodies held about the situations and relationships in their lives.  And then pneumonia came knocking on my door.

The big “P” brought me to my knees in a very short time.  But hey, that’s what antibiotics are for, aren’t they?  A little Z pack, a few days rest, and I’d be fit as a fiddle to teach, right?  I didn’t think cancelling was an option, especially since an abundance of women had already signed up and prepaid.  Not only would I have to disappoint, I’d also have to pay everyone back who registered.  As I sat there arguing in the examination room with two different doctors that told me I couldn’t teach that night, it dawned on me that I had to surrender to what Mz. Bodacious Body wanted.  She wanted rest, sweatpants, lots of liquids and bad reality TV.  So I gave in.

It was so ironic that here I was, chomping at the bit to teach women to listen to the wisdom of their bodies, and I was trying to make mine jump through a flaming hoop of phlegm and fever.  I knew in that moment that walking my talk looked like cancelling the class and refunding everyone’s money.  In the days that followed, I noticed two things.  One, the world didn’t end.  Two, my body had a whole lot more to say about how I was managing my energy, especially around work.

As an Intuitive Guide, Reiki Master and Emotional Freedom Coach, my sessions require intense focus as I decode the energy patterns, thought forms, and spiritual truths that create the web of a woman’s life.  Much of my work involves bringing the unconscious to the conscious level of awareness, then working with energy shifting tools that support women in making choices that empower them.  I love my work.  It is my purpose and my passion.  But the gift of pneumonia made me realize that the sheer number of sessions I needed to do every week to support myself as the sole head of my household was too much of an energy drain on my body. 

So I listened to my body, and raised my rates.  I surrendered to her need to work less and make more money.  I made this decision late one night while in the midst of my illness, and my body thanked me by getting well.  She wasn’t punishing me by getting sick, she just wanted to be heard.  And valued.  She didn’t want to be rushed anymore.  She didn’t want to give up one more promised day off.  So she revolted until I listened.  Now I’m making more money per session, have actual days off, and am preparing to teach my Intuition and Body Wisdom class in various locations this Summer.  My clients get the best version of me when I am deliciously rested, nourished and steeped in JOY.  All because I listened to Mz. Bodacious Body, because when She’s happy, everybody’s happy!


Anyone who knows my work knows that I’m a big believer in body centered wisdom.  Our bodies are always talking to us, telling us what feels good, who we can trust, and when we need to get the HELL out of Dodge.  For women especially, listening to your internal GPS is crucial.  It can LITERALLY save your life.  Developing the ability to listen to what your gut instincts are telling you takes a bit of practice, but here are three steps to help you along on the journey:

  1. BREATHE When you slow down to breathe you calm your nervous system, open up your energy pathways, and give yourself time to FEEL what your body is trying to communicate about a certain person, situation or circumstance.  Breathing is the first step in coming home to your body.  An easy way to enhance the relaxation response that conscious breathing creates is to allow yourself to make a sound on the exhalation.  A simple, audible sigh can work wonders when you need a minute to connect to your inner space.  That’s the place your intuition lives.
  2. GROUND After taking a few breaths, ground your energy by feeling your feet on the floor.  If you’re sitting, also feel your body melting into the surface you’re sitting on.  One popular grounding technique is to imagine roots spiraling down from your tailbone and feet deep into the earth, then visualize drawing earth energy up into your body.  If that feels like too long of a process, simply imagine your feet in mud.  Really see/feel this mud squishing up between your toes!  The trick is to get really good at grounding in a few moments.  This allows you to hold your power as situations come up in life, and not become swayed by another person’s opinion or agenda.
  3. CALL IN YOUR SPIRIT I’m a big fan of calling in your higher power in whatever way you believe. It’s just as important, however, to call in your OWN spirit.  You may think of her as your HIGHER SELF, the part that’s eternally connected to the Divine.  Perhaps it feels juicier to think of her as your inner WISE WOMAN, that part that has access to your gut instinct.  Maybe the term SOUL WISDOM feels right to you. Whatever name you use, its job is to keep you safe and lead you toward your highest good.  Whenever you notice yourself starting to feel overwhelmed or confused, call your Spirit back into your body.  Place one hand on your heart chakra and the other on your lower belly as you affirm, “My Body and Spirit are united in a sacred dance.” 

Namaste, Blessed Be, and Amen…xo

Angela Pizzarello is an Intuition Guide, Reiki Master and Emotional Freedom Coach.  She assists women in bringing the unconscious to the conscious level of awareness with her gifts of Intuition, Energy Work, and EFT Meridian Tapping.  She also shares her wisdom about how Intention, Free Will and the Law of Attraction work together to help women create lives filled with magic and joy.  She can be reached at 203-532-1159 or at for private sessions.  Like her Facebook page at

Intuition Guide – Angela Pizzarello


Angela has been offering Intuitive Readings professionally for over 25 years. She worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist for several years as a prelude to mastering the Tarot and developing her psychic gifts. She is a Usui, Karuna, and Essential Reiki Master and studies many forms of energy healing. She was introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or “Tapping”) over ten years ago, her instructors include EFT Founder Gary Craig as well as tapping veterans Carol Look and C.J, Puotinen.


These sessions focus on looking at the energy patterns and thought paradigms that have played a role in creating your current reality. Using a combination of Tarot Cards, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, and channeled messages from Spirit, Angela will describe the current spiritual forces at work, relationship dynamics, and windows of opportunity that are influencing you and your circumstances.


(Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as “Tapping,” is a cutting edge tool designed to release negative core beliefs, limiting thoughts, and traumatic events. The technique involves gently tapping on acupressure meridians while addressing the issues verbally. Often referred to as “Psychological Acupressure,” reframing statements and affirmations are incorporated at key points to create a potent vibrational shift. EFT also works to calm the fight or flight response in the nervous system and create a sense of balance and wellbeing. It can be used to effectively release trapped emotions and negative thoughts that prevent you from living the life you were born to live – emotionally free and happy.

You can reach Angela for sessions in person or by phone at or at 203-532-1159.  Check out her Facebook page at








Spiritual Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is upon us! Time for change, a new beginning, and energetic renewal. Here are 3 quick and easy ways to rid your home of stagnant energy that may have accumulated over the cold, dark months of Winter:

1. Winds of Change: Leave all your windows open on a breezy day for about 20 minutes, while using sound to break up stagnant energy in your home. You can use a rattle or drum, a spoon on the bottom of a pot, or simply clap your hands. Your goal is to go into all the corners of your home and use sound to break up old vibrations of depression, lethargy, sadness etc…that have collected in your home over the Winter. Imagine these denser vibrations leaving through the open windows. You can help them along by saying, “Be gone, Depression!” “Goodbye, Lethargy!” and “So long, Sadness!” Get silly if you want, because laughter is another great tool to break up negativity.

2. Make Mine with Salt: This method uses lemons and salt to purify negativity in your home. Take a lemon and cut in half, then pour salt over the exposed fruit. Place in a saucer and put it somewhere inconspicuous in your home (under a bed or table, behind a dresser, etc..) The lemon and salt will help cleanse any free floating negativity in your home. You can use a lemon for each room if you like. This is also a good method to use if you are in conflict with one of your neighbors and fear that some negative vibes may be sent your way. You can leave it there as long as you feel necessary. Some people discard it after 24 hours, others leave it there for a full moon cycle (from the new moon to the full moon). Do what feels right, and what you are comfortable with.

3. Spring Bouquet: Flowers have a high spiritual vibration. They also attract our Angels and Spirit Guides, especially white flowers. Bring fresh flowers into your home whenever you feel the need to raise the vibration. Higher vibrations ( love, beauty, joy, gratitude, etc…) win out over lower vibrations (fear, anger, despair, etc…) every time. They are especially good to have in your home if a family member is going through an illness or depression. Just make sure to throw them out as soon as they start to die.

The most important thing to remember with all of these techniques is to call on Spirit to help cleanse your home. It is the power of your intention, coupled with Spirit’s help, that does the real cleansing. After you have cleansed your home of what you don’t want, burn some high quality incense, use essential oils in a diffuser, or place cleansed and charged crystals around your home to bring in what you do want. Create an affirmation such as, “From floor to ceiling, let there be peace and good feeling!” to set your intention for your home. Wishing you a happy Spring!

Angela Pizzarello is a professional Intuitive Reader, with over 23 years of experience. Her readings combine channeled messages from Spirit with tarot card interpretation and energy reading to provide you with high level guidance. She can be reached at and at 203-532-1159 for private sessions and events.  Like her Facebook page at


To Bless or To Curse

Words can either bless or curse. A spoken blessing can be wishing someone congratulations or encouragement. Words that inspire hope and provide someone with a sense of relief can be a blessing. When a compliment is given in sincerity, both parties receive a gift. There is a quote by Hada Bejar, “The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.” When you give a blessing, you will receive one back. It may not come from the other person, but it will come from Spirit. The good we do others will return to us in another form when we need it most. Make a practice of uplifting people with your words whenever you have an opportunity. Often a few kind words can make a huge difference to someone who feels as if they are at the end of their rope.

 A curse can be any words that have the effect of instilling a feeling of hopelessness or helplessness in the receiver. Words that are meant to discourage someone, or words that chip away at another’s self esteem can also be a curse or a hex. A lie can be a hex by deliberately pulling the wool over someone’s eyes, thus making them believe something that’s false. Insults that are meant to make someone question their self worth are one of the worst kinds of “hexes.” Someone who does this is creating negative karma for themselves, especially if the target of the insult is a child or otherwise vulnerable person.

 Words of discouragement can have a profoundly negative impact, especially when someone is already in a vulnerable state. They can only impact you, however, if you let them in. You have a choice to either accept or reject what anyone tells you. It’s best to surround yourself with people who wish the best for you, and see the best in you. Give your attention to the ones who are on your team. When you give attention to those who don’t wish you well, you are rooting against yourself!

 If someone has hurt you so badly that you can no longer be in contact with them, sending a silent blessing to them is a way to heal some of the negative karma that connection holds for you. Getting to the place where you can silently wish them well is a huge step forward in the process of letting go. As long as you wish someone ill you are still energetically tied to them. Hate, or the desire for revenge, creates an energy cord almost as strong as love. So if you really want to be free of that person, silently wishing them happiness is a way to heal from the experience and at the same time set yourself free.  The Universe will send YOU blessings in return!

 Angela Pizzarello is an Intuition Guide, a Reiki Master and an Emotional Freedom Coach. She can be reached at or at 203-532-1159 for private sessions.  Like her Facebook page at






Turning Darkness To Light

Turning darkness to light is the art of using apparent misfortune to take you higher.  We’ve all experienced this in some way.  The job you get fired from leads to either a better job, or some much needed recoup time via unemployment, and a chance to rethink your career path.  The “love of your life” breaks up with you, and later on you meet your true love. Your landlord tells you that you need to move out because he’s selling the building, and you finally take that plunge and buy your first home.  These are all examples of good coming from adversity.  Sometimes the Universe doesn’t just gently push you in the right direction.  Sometimes it gives you a great big shove off the cliff, and forces you to take a leap of faith.  Hence the term, “sink or swim!”

 There is an art to turning darkness to light, and it lies in the power of your intention.  You can consciously intend that everything that happens, including the bad stuff, serve your highest good in the end.  There is spiritual power in the belief that, “All things work together for God and for Good.”  Affirm this enough and it becomes the Truth. 

 Another way to put this is, “If it’s happening, it must be for my highest good!”  This takes a great deal of faith when things seem to be headed for the worse.  But we’re all familiar with the expression that faith can move mountains.  Sometimes faith needs to be demonstrated to create a certain desired result.

 You can create a ceremony around this belief by burning a black and white candle at the same time.  Black candles can be used for releasing negativity, white for attracting Divine light.  In this case the black candle represents whatever negative associations you have with this event or experience.  The white candle represents that experience being used by Spirit to somehow create an even happier future for you, one that you may not even be possible of envisioning right now. 

 Hold the black candle while thinking about and feeling all of the negative charge from the experience.  Be willing to allow whatever happened to serve you in some way.  Maybe it taught you a valuable lesson.  Perhaps it freed you from a situation that was never going to turn out the way you had hoped.  You may have needed that experience to open your heart, or to have you finally take back your power.  Now is the time to release it so that new and better things can come in.  Light the candle with a willingness to let it all go.

 Next take the white candle.  Think of what you’d like to have show up in your life.  If you were forced out of your job, then imagine your career path opening up and a wonderful new opportunity coming in.  If the disappointment was in your love life, then envision yourself attracting someone way more compatible than your old love.  Even if it seems unfathomable that any good might possibly come from the situation, imagine the comfort and support of all your angels around you while you light your white candle.  You don’t have to know how it’s going to look, you just have to believe.

 Burn the candles down completely.  Every time you think of the old experience, say a prayer to your angels asking that this experience be turned to light.  Believe it, and it eventually will be.  Even manure can bring forth flowers.

Angela Pizzarello is an Intuition Guide, a Reiki Master and an Emotional Freedom Coach.  She can be reached at or by phone at 203-532-1159 for private sessions and workshops.

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A triptic of tea light candles.

A triptic of tea light candles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Simple Seaside Magic


Mermaids (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The summer is a perfect time for a little seaside magic.  For one thing, all the elements are present – the sun is fire, the sand is earth, the breeze is air, and of course you have water!  For another, the sound of the waves already put you in a natural meditative state.  You can use this relaxed yet aware state (also known as “Alpha”) to visualize what you want to bring into your life.

One way to add power to your visualization is to create a symbol for it.  This could be very simple, as in a heart for love or a dollar sign for money, or something more complex that holds a personal meaning for you.  You can then pick up a shell or rock and draw that symbol into the sand where the ocean meets the shore.  This is most powerful right before high tide comes in (you can easily find out the time of high tide from the newspaper or internet).  Allow the ocean to “take” your symbol, and imagine your request being placed with the Universe.  The Universe will respond, either by an opportunity coming your way, or by giving you more info as to what’s required to achieve your goal.  Remember to seize opportunities when they come, as this puts you into an interactive state with the powers that be.  In essence, you are co-creating your reality with the Universe.

You can also release something that’s blocking you into the ocean, whether it’s a person, place or thing. Perhaps it’s a bad habit that’s been plaguing you, or an attitude that is holding you back.  For this purpose you would work with the ebb tide (when the tide is going out but before low tide).  Pick up a stone or shell and contemplate what it is you wish to release.  Really think about why this circumstance or issue is no longer serving you.  What might be able to take its place if you released it?  We need to sacrifice the old to make way for the new.  When you feel truly ready to let this go, fling your object into the ocean with all your strength.  Turn around and walk away.  Don’t look back.  This is now part of your past.  Get busy creating new circumstances, and soon they will shape your future.

The ocean is a perfect place to cleanse your jewelry and any less fragile crystals.  Make sure to hold on as you pass your objects through the salt water.  Every time you go into the ocean your aura is cleansed, but you can also make the cleansing more powerful by adding your intention to it.  Imagine the “gunk” from work or other people’s problems leaving you as the water surrounds you.  You will feel lighter and more refreshed afterwards.

Happy summer to all you mermaids and mermen!

Angela Pizzarello is an Intuition Guide, a Reiki Master and an Emotional Freedom Coach.  She specializes in bringing the unconscious to the conscious level of awareness, so that it can be transmuted to a higher vibration.  This creates healing, empowerment, and opens up possibilities for a brighter future for her clients.  She can be reached at and by phone at 203-532-1159.  Like her Facebook page at


Spiritual Bathing

  Ever notice how relaxed and refreshed you feel after a dip in the ocean?  All that salt water helps to cleanse your aura, clearing away the energetic “sludge” that you pick up during your interactions with negative people (we all know a couple), toxic situations (like traffic jams) or emotional upset.  What about the times you can’t make it to the ocean?  There’s an easy way to remove negative energy from your aura.  All it requires is a bathtub, a few simple ingredients and your intention. 
      Spiritual bathing is an ancient practice to cleanse, release, revive and refresh.  The most important ingredient is your intention to release whatever energy you picked up that doesn’t belong to you.  This is harmless, and doesn’t send the energy back to the person but rather sends it back to the Universe.  The Universe knows how to recycle it back into pure potential. 
      The basic recipe for spiritual bathing is sea salt – about a half cup to a cup.  You can also use a combo of sea salt and Epsom salts.  Salt helps to de-toxify and release negativity.  You can use essential oils as well.  Lavender, patchouli or sandalwood help you relax.  Lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary are cleansing.  Pour a few drops into a couple of teaspoons of milk & pour into the tub right before you step in.  The milk helps disperse the oils and makes them last longer.
      Another nice addition is a lemon cut in half.  Squeeze the juice into the water & throw the halves in the tub – very cleansing.  Or, if you feel you need peace & sweet dreams, add beer to the water.  Beer is made from hops, which promotes serenity and keeps nightmares away. There’s also an inexpensive cologne you can buy at most drugstores called Florida water.  Made from water, alcohol & essential oils, it’s been used since the 19th century for spiritual cleansing.  A little goes a long way.
      Keep it simple, add what feels right & make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients.  Light a candle to Spirit right before stepping into the tub, asking to be renewed, revitalized and blessed.  Finally, the next time you’re at the beach, take some sea water home with you in a bottle, and add it to your bath.  Your “inner mermaid” will love it!

Angela Pizzarello is an Intuition Guide, a Reiki Master, and an Emotional Freedom Coach.


MacCentralMosaicTile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Her goal is to help you listen to your inner voice, release the blocks that hold you back, and manifest your deepest desires. She can be reached at 203-532-1159 or for private sessions, workshops and events.  Like her Facebook page at